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Ryan Sturing....Aka T-watch,Twigz,Quids,BarTab
Flairing 5 years
Competing 4 years
Works At MI Slinger(Formerly PY STIX)
Bartending 8 years
Training 4 years
Drink of Choice: 360 double chocolate vodka on the rocks paired with cheap beer
Quote:A lil more Scotch for mama

2009 and 2010 Metro times Best bartender in Detroit
3rd 2009 Semi pro FBA world tour
Top 30 Professional bartender in the world
Adrenalinefest-Shaken and Stirred Grand Champion
20+ top five flair finishes
10+ top 5 mixology finishes
Hosted 2 of the most successful flair competitions in michigan
Judged Multiple flair competitions,across the US including TGIF regionals
Competed in Las Vegas,Florida,California,Reno,Ohio,Kentucky,Michigan,Indiana, and all across Canada
Jon Jon    
Johnathan James Tenorio AKA Jon Jon, J. Jiggs.
Bartending 4 years
Flairing 6 years
I work at 5th quarter in Ann Arbor, MI. My hobbies include flairing, extra curricular activities, and more flairing.
Quote "Can I get a grey goose and vodka!"
3rd place food network showdown Detroit
4th place summer flair event, west palm beach FL
1st place Cincinnati summer flair competition
3rd place belvedere throw down, MI slingers
2nd place pinnacle throw down, MI slingers
8th place flips4tips 10, Columbus OH
3rd place flips4tips 11, Columbus OH
2nd place mybar competition, new Albany IN
3rd place cincinnaty summer flair finals
1st place flair round winter classic bartending comp
3rd place mixology winter classic bartending comp
1st place showmanship winter classic bartending comp
#1 flair bartender in Michigan
and many more.
Colby Ashton - They call me "Cheese", I was the first out of state member brought aboard the DGF crew. I competed my rookie year in the FBA at the Semi Pro Advanced Tour level in 2011. It was a great rookie year making drastic improvements adding more depth to my flair, and held my own very fortunately taking 1st place on the Advanced Tour. I'm always practicing, and always trying to come up with new moves and push to fine tune my flair. Looking forward to the 2012 season competing at the Pro level hopefully putting on a good show everywhere I venture to, along with pushing others to get better as well.

Bartending - 4 years
Flairing - 4 years
Competing - 1 year
Works at - Legends of Reading, Pennsylvania
Drink of choice - Orange vodka with Red Bull
Quote - "Alcohol is the anesthesia to endure the operation of life"

1st - Legends All Star Throwdown - Reading, Pennsylvania
1st - Mansion Big House Comp - Barrie, Ontario
1st - Behind The Wood 2 - Windsor, Ontario
1st - Behind The Wood 4 - Windsor, Ontario
1st - Summer Flair 2 Quali - Cincinnati, Ohio
2nd - Behind The Wood 5 - Windsor, Ontario
2nd - Hammertown Flair Comp - Hamilton, Ontario
2nd - Superflair Quali - Windsor, Ontario
2nd - Summer Flair 6 Quali - West Palm Beach, Florida
2nd - Summer Flair 6 Finals - West Palm Beach, Florida
2nd - Behind The Wood 3 - Windsor, Ontario
3rd - Motor City Throwdown - Livonia, Michigan
3rd - Shore Wars 2 Finals - Belmar, New Jersey
3rd - King of the Mountain Quali - Denver, Colorado
3rd - Summer Flair 2 Finals - Cincinnati, Ohio
3rd - Superflair Finals - Windsor, Ontario
4th - Rush Street Winter Challenge - Ann Arbor, Michigan
4th - Zero Gravity Challenge Quali - Omaha, Nebraska
4th - Shore Wars 2 Quali - Belmar, New Jersey
4th - King of the Mountain Finals - Denver, Colorado
5th - Behind The Wood 6 - Windsor, Ontario
5th - Bacardi Mezzanine Comp - State College, Pennsylvania
7th - Jamboozies Winter Classic - Sterling Heights, Michigan
7th - Zero Gravity Challenge Finals - Omaha, Nebraska
7th - Jamboozies Flair Round (2011) - Sterling Heights, Michigan
8th - Shore Wars - Belmar, New Jersey
10th - Motor City Throwdown (2011) - Livonia, Michigan
10th - Showcase - Louisville, Kentucky
10th - Motor City Throwdown 2 (2011) - Livonia, Michigan
10th - Flip$ 4 Tip$ 12 - Columbus, Ohio
11th - Super Flair 2012 - Windsor, Ontario
12th - Flagship Flair Challenge 2 - Toronto, Ontario
13th - Flagship Flair Challenge 1 - Mississauga, Ontario

Hi im Josh Curry aka Ya-Yo..Im from a small town called Rising Sun Indana, currently living in northern Kentucky just outside of Cincinnati OH. I have been bartending for 6 years and flipping for about 2 years and working at Hollywood casino in Lawrenceburg IN. I cannot think of one thing that i would rather be doing, being on the DGF team traving flipping and partying with all the guys, I love them all and Im a very proud member. Im ready to win the advanced division of the FBA (Flair bartenders Association) tour in 2012.
Quote- I can resist everything except temptation!
Drink- let me get dat ciroc and vodka.
Jamboozies comps 2nd 4th and 5th
Cincinnati comps 5th and 6th
Slinger comps 6th 6th 7th
Rush in Ann Arbor 3rd
Louisville 6th


Aaron Domanik AKA Sweeney, Dom, Domino.
Bartending 3 years
Flairing 1 year
I work at Bar Louie in Livonia MI. my hobbies are flairing, drinking, flairing, music, and flairing.
Quote "Don't try to be like me son you'll hurt yourself."
7th place pinnacle throw down, MI slingers
3rd place Bacardi mezzanine comp, State college PA
3rd place mixology round winter classic bartending comp. jamboozies
5th place flair round winter classic bartending comp. jamboozies
2nd place final mixology round winter classic bartending comp. jamboozies 
I'm new there will be more to come.
Jeffrey McDermott AKA Stash
Bartending 4 years
Flairing 3 years
Quote "Theres always option B"
Favorite Drink Ginger ale
6ft, brown hair, blue eyes, 165lbs, aries.
I stopped flairing for 11 months but came out of retirement for DGF. Im a little rusty but I wont be for long. I have competed in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio and I am looking forward to more throw downs this year.
3rd place winter classic bartending competition finals.
Matthew Hatchet 045 aka Rev. Hatchet also sometimes know as Tyler

Drinks.. Jager

Quote "You look like I could use a Drink"

Being the only Barback on the Dirty Girl crew, MFH has a few competitions under his belt in the last year since he started flipping. They include the MI Slingers Pinnacle Throwdown, the Jack Daniels Bartending Olympics, and taking 3rd in both the Speed and Showmanship rounds of the Jamboozies Winter Classic. This up-and-comer plans to leave his mark on one of the oldest professions know to man with his sick style of flipping bottles and intensity behind the bar. Watch out for this SpaceNinja to take the flair world by storm with Dirty Girl Flair. MagicMagic NinjaWhat!

Brian Brubaker aka Ginge, Ginga, Red, Strauss


Bartending - 3 years
Flairing - 1 year
Getting Money – 22 years

Currently working at Lucky Strike Novi

Favorite Drink :  Shirley Temple, extra cherries!

Quote: “The whole world is about 3 drinks behind.”

4th  - Behind the Wood #1
2nd - Behind the Wood #2
1st – Behind the Wood #3
1st – Behind the Wood #4
2011 Behind the Wood Champion
4th – Jamboozies Halloween Comp
2011 Motor City Throwdown Qualifier
Flip$ for Tip$ 12 Competitor

I had an awesome time during my first season with the team.  Moving up a level in 2012 and really looking forward to competing with everyone and traveling even more!

Gunz  FB
Nick G
Nick Gonzalez AKA Gunz
Bartending 4 years
Flairing 3 years
Quote: "Yes… I am old enough to serve you this drink."
Favorite Drink Ginger ale
Cincinnti Summer Flair 5th Place
Jamboozies 5th Place
I just moved from Cincinnati, OH to Evansville, IN. I love going from city to city putting on shows and meeting new people while hanging out with the DGF crew. I'm excited about travelling to as many comps as I can this year!


Stephen W. McCourtie aka Turtle, Baby Twatch, Rufio
Age: 22
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 135
Flairing: 9 months
Works at MI Slingers
Favorite Number: 18

Turtle is known best for his exceptional barback skills, driving the Michigan team to competitions, and doing Twatch's laundry.

As the youngest member of the DGF crew, he working his way up through the amateur division.

Behind The Wood 5: 3rd Place 
Behind the Wood 6: 1st Place



Michael Resurreccion aka "Kid Nasty" aka "Rez"
A Reading, PA native, is a new prospect on the DGF crew. Following the footsteps of his mentor, he began in the Semi Pro Advanced Tour and is currently competing to win his PRO ticket. Rez is looking forward to competing at the PRO & International level.

Bartending - 4 years
Flairing - 2 years
Work - Docksider Bar (Erie, PA)
Drink of choice: Raspberry & Sprite
Quote: Twerkalate

1st Place TGIFridays Bar Wars Fall 2011 (Erie, PA)
1st Place TGIFridays Bar Wars Winter 2011 (Erie, PA)
1st place TGIFridays Bar Wars Spring 2011 (Erie, PA)
1st Place TGIFridays Bar Wars Summer 2012 (Erie, PA)
1st Place Docksider Bar 1st Annual Bar Warz 2011 (Erie, PA)
1st Place Docksider Bar 2nd Annual Bar Warz 2012(Erie, PA)
2nd Place Behind the Wood #5 Mynt Nightclub (Windsor, Ontario)
2nd Place Behind the Wood #6 Voodoo Nightclub (Windsor Ontario)
7th Place Shore Wars Bar Anticipation (Belmar, New Jersey)
10th Place Superflair (Windsor, Ontario)

 "Juggles" [P]  

Aaron Pierce
Flairing for 3 years
Competing for 1 year
Works at Manor, Athens GA
I grew up with mimes for parents so life growing up was very quiet for the young Flair Bartender to be. I grew up in a very circus style lifestyle, learning to juggle and ride a unicycle around the age of nine. When I was 16, I was gently introduced to the idea of Flair Bartending. After a couple years of practice I got my first bartending job the day I turned 18 and haven't looked back yet. I quickly learned that I could make more money throwing bottles and tins around than I could in the ring of a circus. I now currently flair bartend/rage at Manor the largest concert venue/bar in Athens, GA. I absolutey love my job, and love bringing fun and excitement behind the bar. The larger the crowd the better!.
Quote: Ain't nobody got time for dat!
Favorite shot- GRAND MA